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On Aug 8 2005, a band with three girls, Jessie, Jennifer and Julia had their first mini concert. The dream to be a singer came true at that night. In memory of this grateful milestone for our friendship, we use our own way to celebrate the anniversary on every Aug 8 from them till now. In year 2015, I created a series of postcard, to celebrate our 9th anniversary of our mini concert. 

The concept was based on our role in the band. Jessie was the guitar player, Jennifer was the drummer and Julia was the keyboard, as well as the composer. The colors, yellow, blue and pink represents the color we worn in that concert. And the content express the love, as well as struggles while we are on the way to seek our dream.

Now we are living in different places, enjoying our own lives. But those braveness, and the determination to be a dream seeker, will always encourage us to be grateful, and be the one we want to be.

The Story
Jennifer Yuchi postcard graphic design
Jennifer Yuchi postcard graphic design


Postcard design for band VLC's 9th anniversary

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