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iSmart Alarm, Inc. offers solutions for DIY smart home security, which allows users to self-install the sensors, smart devices and cameras in their home and get mobile notification when any of the sensor is tripped or under abnormal status. In this security system, the devices and users communicate throughout a hub, which is called CubeOne.  When a device is tripped, the message will submit to CubeOne, and CubeOne will upload the message to our server and send out the notification to user's mobile devices.

The system comes up with an app, which allows users to control their system status and manage their devices with their mobile phone. The app was initially created in year 2011, with a structure that considers the CubeOne as the center of everything, and all the sensors and cameras have to be manually linked to CubeOne from the user end.  At that time, one hub is regarded as one system, and it is hard to switch between hubs. 


As the industry develops, more and more diverse of smart home product comes out, meanwhile the trend of smart home security system tends to be more like a home-centered system instead of device-centered, which gives people more option to customize the protection to their home according to their needs. Driven by this goal, we are restructuring the app to make it more expandable, flexible and intuitive to use. Thus, the app will be integrated to a platform that provide home automation control, service and home security.

Since the app is relatively huge comparing to the labor resources we have, we decided to divide the app into modules and iterate each module one by one. This way can also merge the users will eventually get their app restructured unconsciously. 

As the UX/ UI designer, I am in charge of the design, including discus the requirement with the PM, creating workflow, wireframe and UI and export and check on the UI and interaction implementation for several main modules. I work closely with other three designers, the Product Managers, Marketing team, Sales team, Customer Support team and engineers.


Due to the confidential promises, I can only show the work in public once they are online. I will update my portfolio once the modules I work or collaborate on is published officially.

About this Project
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