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In winter 2016, iSmartAlarm released our new home security camera, iCamera KEEP Pro. To help customers better understand the product, I was assigned to create a product landing page for this camera.

I proposed the structure of the website and the content placement in 1-2 days. The marketing team defined some main features that differentiate the product from others'. In this structure, I proposed to emphasize the three main features using the lifestyle pictures, to actually bring people in the real case situation. The structure is flexible for the future updates by changing the feature modules and the buttons. After rounds of discussion, we finalized the layout and content with marketing and sales team. 

The design basically follows the design of iSmartAlarm's web home page, and used more life style images and video to demonstrate the features.

The final deliverables is the assets and specs for both desktop and mobile compatibility.

Please visit to see the final design.

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iCamera KEEP Pro product page design

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